Felco Power Blade Electronic Pruning Shears

$3,861.00 – $4,197.00


The POWER BLADE SERIES range of power tools is the result of FELCO’s latest innovations.

These new-generation tools improve your productivity and comfort at work, while ensuring unequalled quality and cutting precision. Equipped with innovative technologies, these new pruning shears are efficient and durable.

The FELCO POWER BLADE electric pruning shears are very powerful, cutting through hardwood up to 45mm / 1.8 inch in diameter with ease, meeting the toughest demands of horticulture, parks and gardens, nurseries, viticulture and forestry.

You will be amazed that with only a small finger movement you can now cut through large, tough branches cleanly in seconds, saving you time, energy and strain throughout an entire day of intensive pruning – no one will blame you if you smile broadly as you make an effortless clean, precise cut through each branch.

Available in 3 models:

Model Cut Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Length (mm) Battery
FELCO802+ 30 750 265 194.4WH/5.4AH
FELCO812+ 35 810 280 194.4WH/5.4AH
FELCO822+ 45 980 295 194.4WH/5.4AH

**Extension poles also available.

The power of these electric pruning shears is truly astonishing as you easily and cleanly cut through hardwood branches up to a 45mm / 1.8inch diameter, providing you with significant productivity gains without sacrificing precise, clean cuts.

Plug in and power up your FELCO power pack and the FELCO 880/195 battery to unleash powerful clean cutting over a full day of intensive pruning. With a simple double click of the trigger you can choose between a larger or smaller cutting head opening setting to cut more efficiently and quickly through larger or smaller branches.

Understanding the performance of the FELCO POWER BLADE is as simple as reviewing the FELCO app on the display of your smart phone or tablet. The app contains all the data about your tool from number of cuts to battery life. It also allows you to manage tool settings so you can keep it operating at the highest level of efficiency.

However tough and intensive your day becomes; with this powerful tool you can just keep going and going cutting through tough wood while being sure that you will not pay a price from aches and pains once you stop.

Additional Information

30mm, 35mm, 45mm

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