Maximise the productivity and versatility of your Granberg Mill with our range of reliable and functional attachments. The quality and accuracy of your milling production will be enhanced with the application of Granberg’s specially designed add-ons.
SLABBING RAIL BRACKETS For the greatest accuracy in milling with Alaskan Mk III or Small Log Mill, the initial cut must be smooth and level. A set of Slabbing Rail Brackets helps make the ideal guide for the mill to follow. Simply attach to 2 lengths of 2" x 4" timber (not included) to complete the guide rail system. Also includes screws and double-headed forming nails for securing the slabbing rail system to the log.>>>Buy Now
HELPER HANDLE Designed for use with any of the Mk III models, Helper Handles are designed for 2 person operations on either single- or double-ended guide bars. Helper Handle delivers greater safety and control for the second operator on mills exceeding 36" and increases the versatility of double-ended guide bars by permitting operation with a single powerhead. Supplied complete with roller and bearing for mounting on double-ended bars.>>>Buy Now
AUXILIARY OILER KIT Proper auxiliary chain oiling results in greater chain life and increased production. The Auxiliary Oiler Kit from Granberg consists of a reservoir tank, mounting bracket, clamps, valves and tubing. The Auxiliary Oiler Kit attaches directly to the Alaskan Mk III in minutes and is recommended for projects where a single powerhead is used with guide bars exceeding 36", or where the timber being milled is seasoned or hard. The Auxiliary Oiler Kit delivers supplementary oiling directly to the guide bar and chain.>>>Buy Now