Felco Power Blade Electronic Pruning Shears Now Available

Felco Power Blade Electronic Pruning Shears Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the new Felco Power Blade Electronic Pruning Shears are now available at Cannings.  Come in and try them out on our demonstration module where you will see the power of these shears and the benefits they will bring to your work.

The POWER BLADE SERIES range of power tools is the result of FELCO’s latest innovations. 

These new-generation tools improve your productivity and comfort at work, while ensuring unequalled quality and cutting precision. Equipped with innovative  technologies, these new pruning shears are efficient and durable.

The FELCO POWER BLADE electric pruning shears are very powerful, cutting through hardwood up to 45mm / 1.8 inch in diameter with ease, meeting the toughest demands of horticulture, parks and gardens, nurseries, viticulture and forestry.

You will be amazed that with only a small finger movement you can now cut through large, tough branches cleanly in seconds, saving you time, energy and strain throughout an entire day of intensive pruning – no one will blame you if you smile broadly as you make an effortless clean, precise cut through each branch.

Check them out now in store or view the videos below.